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Wood is one of the many beautiful and natural wonders of this world. Forests have long aroused the fertile imaginations of humanity with the mystical beauty of the divine and the haunting terrors of evil. With wood man has warmed himself by a fire, constructed dwellings for his family, built passage ways in city walls made of stone, floated on the seas and discovered new worlds, and transformed crude shelters into works of art.

Whether in its natural environment as a tree that keeps the soil and sets out its branches for the creatures of the forest or the timbers and mouldings that give a house its structure and beauty wood is an irreplaceable commodity of our planet's resources.

It is in this fashion that we continue to enjoy our work with the natural wonder and function of wood.

Trusted Trim & Woodwork is one of the premier custom woodworking companies in the Colorado Springs area. Because Trusted Trim & Woodwork is owned and operated by carpenters every project we build for our customers is meticulously and precisely built as if it were going to be a part of our own home.

We specialize in custom projects built specifically for your home to meet your wants and needs. We look forward to meeting you and turning your ideas into actuality.


All the best, Paul

Thanks to Baruch (and Dwayne) for outstanding work and unparalleled professionalism! They were by far the most professional and meticulous tradesmen / contractors we've ever worked with. From always showing up when they said they would, to tenting the staircase, to vacuuming and picking up before leaving each day - they were a pleasure to have work in our home on this project!

Lain Chappell, Solid Rock Custom Homes

Adam, I appreciate all your hard work with you and your crew. It’s nice to know that we can count on Trusted Trim.

It is always good to catch up with Baruch and Landon. I appreciate those guys too. I don’t know the other guys as much…..yet.

Thanks again, Chantal

Thank you for sending Landon to fix our doors. He was polite, efficient, respectful (took off his shoes) and did a very good job since the doors are finally closing!

I am not sure how you want to handle the billing. You can email me or call me at 548-1396.

Mat Muldoon, Solid Rock Custom Homes

I just wanted to send a note to all of you to “thank you” for the fantastic jobs you all did at the home at Black Canyon Drive. As you all know this was in the Parade of Homes this year and the feedback, we received was all very good from the compliments on the design, colors, selections, craftsmanship and overall quality. All of your attention to detail and dedication to quality did not go unnoticed. We did receive the “Best Craftsmanship” Award for our category which is directly related to all of you. We had several builders and tradesmen walk through the house during the Parade looking for something wrong and they were unable to find anything that needed attention or touch ups.

During construction all of you and the people working at the house did a phenomenal job in completing your work on time and with great care to keep up with the short schedule we had to complete the house. We had several compliments from the neighbors and the HOA in Cedar Heights about the cleanliness of the jobsite throughout the project and not letting the dumpster overflow or blow all over the area. We appreciate all of you and your tradesmen for working so hard and helping us achieve the goal. We wouldn’t have made it without all of you.

Heather TLC Design/Build Remodeling, Inc.

Brian is WONDERFUL to work with. He has a great amount of knowledge and skill, and he has helped us through some situations that came up due to growing pains, and he was pleasant the entire time.